first of all im so so sorry for the shitty gifs im not really good at photoshop okaaay. okay so i have no idea where to start with this and i was never a good person with writing speeches. i mean give me a fully written speech to read out loud then i’d probably nail it, but to write one, well it’s kind of hard. FIRST OF ALL LET ME START WITH SAYING HAPPY BIRTHDAY! there’s a lot i have to say about you. i’ve known you for over a year a now, ever since you were amazaynharry and i was harrysexycurls i’m laughing the good old day. our friendship started on the 4th of january 2012, on twitter. i remember us having weird conversations and we talked about selena because we both had selena icons back then i think omg???? as you know i didn’t really pay much attention to tumblr back then until june i think but hey we stayed friends!!!! anyways, i just want you to know that i love you and you’re one of my bestest friends on here really. i mean it. SHANISABABA MY TWIN PORN STAR YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU AND OUR PORN BLOG SO SO SO SO MUCH. sigh we’re actually very weird but hey!!!!!!!!!! also i want you to know that i love our constant banter and fighting and jokes and remember our #harrygirls gang a while back? i’m laughing yes omg. you always encourge me on getting the d how nice of u i promise u i will give you a full report when i do. i want to say a lot more but you’re probably bored and this is very long im sorry i think you’ve stopped reading by now but i just want you to know that i love you tons and tonsssssssss. we’re the same age and we understand each other and also again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAMS I HOPE YOU GET THE D AND YOU’RE FINALLY 15 ;) I’LL MAIL U HARRY SOON ILY <3

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    AYAH, YOU’RE SO SWEET! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.. and i know! it’s crazy how we’ve become friends for like a year and a half...
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